Ethical Statement

The research has been subject to ethical review and scrutiny at the universities of London, Coventry, Lancaster and Durham.

All participants will be given full explanation of the project to enable them to: give informed consent; exercise the right to anonymity (especially important in this politicised field); and the right to withdraw at any point. As this research adopts a co-production ethos, all participants will inform the research process actively and will be involved as decision makers as much as is practically possible. The PI and Co-Is and the named research fellow are all experienced in working on campus in a research capacity and the postdoctoral research fellow will be inducted by the core team and mentored by ASB. The respective institutions of the PI and the Co-Is have all ethically reviewed and approved the research proposal. All electronic devices will be encrypted and password protected to ensure the security of the data (See technical plan). In line with RCUK Policy and Guidelines we will seek to avoid breaches of duty of care and all forms of false representation and misconduct.